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This nutrient rich bio-mass hails from the Altai Mountain range in Russia.  Purified through an ayurvedic process, this shilajit has also been lab tested for quality and safety.

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  1. Art

    The Shilajit amazed me, such a small amount with a large affect; like William expressed; you don’t even know whats out there that can be life changing. Thanks New Hope!

  2. LaLynn G Albring (verified owner)

    I started ordering from New Hope a couple months ago and every interaction with them has been polite and professional and their shipping seems to be the fastest I’ve witnessed. My last order was Shilajit and I am extremely satisfied with it!! It helps with my anxiety and I am getting some sleep which is extraordinary in itself!! Once again they also worked out a total for me due to a problem with my credit card!! I plan on sticking with New Hope and would highly recommend them and shilajit!!

  3. Bill Fry (verified owner)

    This is absolutely AMAZING…while ordering some Kratom I saw this, and thought I’d give it a shot and WOW…it makes you extremely focused with a blast of energy…unbelievable that there are (natural) products out there like this…now I see why they call this the “destroyer of weakness” unbelievable!!!

  4. Ellen

    I can’t beliebe how amazing this stuff is. I felt is the first day I took it and you only need a super small amount. I went from being so fatigued I couldn’t keep my eyes open to cleaning the house and being productive at work. I love this stuff and I’ll never run out. You have to give it a try. Great for energy.

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