Red Maeng Da (RMD)


Classic Red Maeng-Da.  Always fresh, always a super fine grind.

Earn up to 90 Points.

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RMD may be the most popular red out there.  Our RMD is beautiful and rich in color, always fresh and always on point.

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  1. Sharmagne

    This has helped me with my opiate addiction. Great product. Thanks so much !

  2. Sharmagne

    Amazing product

  3. Jessica Moldauer

    RMD is my original favorite red. It does well on its own or my favorite way is to blend green Malay which was the original self found blend I made that allowed to experience and find my “sweet spot” with strains and dosing.

  4. Ruthi McPherson

    I would like to say I used the Red Mango all the time and I’ve left other reviews or comments on reviews all their products are good from you hope I had a prior vendor in the beginning when I ordered a sample packet when I first found out about kratom but one thing I would like to say is I had a girlfriend that was taking 20 morphine pills a day she had lost her job many things happened that were very dysfunctional in her life and she was desperate for change so I talked her into trying New Hope Kratom products and slowly we got her down to one more thing in the morning I’d like to say that today she is narcotic free how’s her job back and is now living a happy functional life without narcotics and I think New Hope for being there with your product to help me save my girlfriend from the destruction of narcotic abuse I would also like to say that I speak with Cassie all the time when I order and she’s just the kindest person in the world she does her job she’s very polite she calls you right back she’ll go out of her way to find out what ever kind of information you need and get it back to you or even information they need to deliver a product to your address which was a problem I had just recently moving into an RV at an RV park in Needles California she went out of her way called the manager and got the information on how to address my order to get it to me but God bless you New Hope you’re saving lives because narcotic abuse is huge but very destructive and I have to say it changes people and not for the better eventually they end up sick from problems that are caused to the liver or the kidneys I recently had my gallbladder removed and taking kratom while suffering through the gallbladder problem which I did for a number of years before I finally got it taken out I had an appetite problem and Kratom also helps my appetite there’s nothing it does not help in my life I highly recommend Kratom to anyone and I highly recommend New Hope as your distributor thank you for being there New Hope you saved my friend.

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