Green Thai


Green Thai

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Green Thai

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  1. Rhonda Teem

    Like my other reviews, this has changed my life! Green Thai is amazing! I did say green Malay and Kapuas were my favorites, but I forgot this one! I love them all! They’re all spectacular! I feel like a brand new person! I can tackle anything that comes my way! It’s just amazing what NHB has done for me, what THEY have done to get to this point! My GOODNESS! Please, by all means! Give them a shot! You will NOT be disappointed! NOT ONE. BIT! Pain relief, anxiety relief, mood boost thru the roof (I forgot to add that to the other reviews), energy. Great focus! Going to do a set of nails today, which I haven’t done in over a year. I’m a nail artist. I lost interest. Not anymore!

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